Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you accept? PayPal, credit card (basically all types), wire transfer, check/money order, and local bank transfer. These are all processed by Plimus, our payment processing partner - click here to see our order form.

Can you help me? Of course! Send an e-mail to with your question. WP Quick Polls comes with free technical support — any questions you have, they will be handled! Just get in touch.

Does this work with PPC-Coach? Sure does. Full integration with Coach's tracker. All the features you need to build converting, profitable polls. You don't need to be a PPC-Coach member to use WP Quick Polls, but if you are one, WP Quick Polls is the best way to build polls quickly and easily, for sure.

Which tracking products does WP Quick Polls work with? Honestly, it should work with all of them. If you have trouble integrating your tracking product of choice, send an e-mail to and it'll be resolved. WP Quick Polls has been tested with Tracking202, Google Analytics, Coach's Tracker and a number of custom tracking products: integration is always quite simple.

So, I can use this with Tracking202/Prosper202? Of course!

...and Google Analytics? Yup! Place Google Analytics code in the header or footer of any poll without touching any themes / code.

Can you help me with installation? Absolutely! Just send an e-mail. Installation should be quite simple, but if you're doubting your ability, or you just need help: we can do it. Send an e-mail to

Is WP Quick Polls encoded? Can I edit the themes? Can I edit the script? WP Quick Polls is unencoded. The license.php file comes encoded to protect the licensing system, however, if your server does not support Ioncube encoded files, a modified, unencoded version is available; just send an e-mail. Everything within the script can be edited to your heart's desire; the code, the themes, anything!

Will this run on GoDaddy hosting? Yes it will, many users use it successfully on GoDaddy. If you have any trouble with this or any web host: contact support and it'll get sorted out.

How many themes does WP Quick Polls come with? Three distinct themes, two of which have five and six variants respectively. Check out the live demos for examples.

Got more questions? Get in touch. Ready to order? Order now!