Launch campaigns in seconds — literally

createpollsseconds Our innovative "quick create" feature allows you to build high-Quality Score and advertiser/search engine friendly polls in literally just a few form fields. Convert faster.

Powerful Offer Rotation

rotateoffersFind the best converting affiliate offers for your poll with our offer rotation feature - or, if you want to try out some more experimental affiliate marketing, spin the 'code' blocks to show an opt-in form, phone number, or link to a number of affiliate offers. Rotate an unlimited number of URLs, code blocks, or meta redirects. Specify occurrence rates for rotating whole campaigns, or display them divided equally. Better still, our system tracks full statistics for every poll: click-through rates, etc. Even better still, override the offer for a given poll for any option (say, to tell the user they were wrong in their vote - if you want to). Find the offers that convert the best, and run with them: this feature allows you to become more profitable, faster.

Geotargeted Offers

geota Show different offers / campaigns to users from different countries. Avoid affiliate leakage (as in, lost leads) and target a broader range of countries by ensuring that users are always shown an offer available in their area. Also, rotate multiple campaigns per-country to find the campaigns that work the best for each given location.


Everything — Highly Customizable

Want to control where your options show up (above, below, both?), want to change the color, size or content of any part of the page, are your options images, text, or both? Everything that could be customized, can be customized. The plugin is designed such that developing polls can truly be treated like the art that it is.

Easily Create / Choose From Highly Optimized Themes

Our theme system is designed to be easy, and our (very detailed) documentation explains it in just a page or two of text. The script comes with a number of themes that we've personally tested and confirmed with successful affiliate marketers that they will convert; that said, if you're a do-it-yourself type, the theme system is so powerful you can completely redesign a poll in just a few minutes. Users who want to test out multiple themes for conversion can change the theme on their poll in seconds - or, they can simply press "copy" and make the same poll, with different themes. The themes we've given you can, and will convert in to cold hard profits.

Full Statistics

Turn this polls package in to a complete profit-optimizing warehouse. Want to see which polls are getting good click through rates? Which polls are seeing the most traffic? Which options are more popular? Want your users to see the results of a poll after they vote? All this can be done quite easily with WP Quick Polls - the statistical package is included, even before addressing the fact the plugin is fully compatible with every single major tracking package available. Real time voting and click-through statistics for everything.

Autogenerate Content

autogeneratedEasily autogenerate content from a variety of sources for any given set of keywords - Google News, Google Search, Digg, and more, or from a custom RSS feed and have this content added after the fold on poll pages. Instantly relevant, high quality score and thus lower bid prices - cheaper traffic means more money for you.

Also, automatically embed terms of service and privacy policy pages with their links to every single page on the site - from our templates. These pages have been proven time and time again to increase quality score and other metrics of legitimacy significantly.

Cloaking With Double Refresh

doublerefreshWe're all a little bit paranoid about the affiliate networks stealing our campaigns or otherwise making use of the fact web browsers send more data than is desirable. Simply enable the "hide referrer with a double refresh" option to cause all links off the poll page to become double refreshed - a technique that hides referrer information from the network. Save your campaigns, methods and profitable runs from being destroyed or stolen.

Display a Pressuring Countdown

Ever wondered how to make your polls convert better? A good poll landing page can have a click through rate of 90-95 per cent. Our themes have been optimized to max out your click through rate, and with the right poll topic, you'll easily achieve a 95% CTR. That said, as of 3.0, you can now add a countdown, that shows a message and a counting down clock for however many seconds you want — in our tests, this hugely improved click through rate. When this clock expires, you can have it redirect directly to the offer so as not to lose any potential leads.

Embed YouTube Videos

youtube1To be honest, the usefulness of this was questionable at first. An interview with a few people who did poll marketing said that they would use this feature - so we built it. Enter the URL of a YouTube video and have it embedded real time in to your post or poll page. Easily add YouTube videos all over your WordPress-based site — users love videos. Conversion Tip: perhaps some sort of instructions or review-style lander to continue pushing your e-mail submits for those who end up on the site away from the polls?

Tracking Friendly

Google Analytics, Tracking202, the PPC-Coach tool, something custom, it doesn't matter: set up a tracking interface to make sure you know where your earnings are coming from. WP Quick Polls is entirely compatible with any third party tracking system, if you need help, let us know and we'll get it working for you.

Bonus: Image Resizer

As one of the most time-saving features in the plugin, images are resized on the fly — and cached locally as necessary. This means you can specify remote URLs for the images and have them cached locally; if they're too big or too small, they'll be resized as necessary. Furthermore, you can easily use this feature for your other websites.

Want to see more? Check out the screenshots.