Making Money With Polls

Poll marketing is easy. Seriously. It's probably the easiest way to make money online. You find hot pop culture topics, and you use them as a "mask" to push affiliate offers.

The deal is this: advertisers are looking to collect e-mail addresses, leads and other information from users, and they're willing to pay you to help.

A particular group of advertisers look to collect those leads through a method called "e-mail submits" — they pay people like you $1-$2 for every person you can get to put their e-mail in a website.

These advertisers usually offer the end user a chance at a free prize in exchange for entering their address. You literally just need to send people to the page, and they'll be drawn to enter their email address by the free prize.

Sound easy? It only gets easier.

$1-$2 each isn't much if you only get one or two people, but consider that if you use pop culture polls to get people there, you can buy ads on Google, Yahoo! and MSN (among hundreds of other smaller sources). There's millions of people searching these topics, and on Google, Yahoo! and MSN, you can get these people to your WP Quick Polls-powered polls for as low as $0.05 each.

On the other search engines you can get them even cheaper.

These search engines use metrics of "quality" to give people with "high quality" landing pages cheaper clicks. WP Quick Polls is optimized to build you the highest quality landing pages easily.

The sources of traffic and the advertisers to work with all are provided for you within the documentation and in the plugin. Even better, the documentation includes websites that index all the hottest topics as they come up. And WP Quick Polls comes with a "getting started guide" that walks you through every single step of implementing your first poll — designed specifically for people who have never done poll marketing before.

More hot topics to write polls about = more money for you.

Consider with $0.10 clicks and $1 per e-mail address — even if only half of them vote, and half of those go through to enter their e-mail address, you still make $0.25 on every click. That's 250% ROI right there, with a poorly performing poll.

It is literally hard to fail doing poll marketing with the high quality landing pages that WP Quick Polls gives you.

Got questions still? Send me an e-mail, I'll get back to you, and we can discuss how poll marketing works. Need help making your polls work? Send me an e-mail! Ready to go? Order now.

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